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Not sure how many of you like to write, or would want to give this a try, but BrowncoatMando is trying to write a short story and few lines at a time and needs your help!

It's here  An experimentI've had an idea recently, regarding a drawing :iconSamwiseTheAwesome: did.
Did anyone out there read those "Choose your own Adventure books as a kid?
My idea is similar, and focuses on the Sea goddess Merari from our Bex series and your choices about how you speak to her determine your story.
It could end in disaster or the best night of your life....
Your choice...
I'm not entirely sure how this will all work, thinking a few lines at a time in the comments so we write the story together.
If you're interested please contact me.
You’re a simple merchant sailor under the command of a good captain. You’re good at your job, dedicated to your captain and crew and those who know you best describe you as a man dedicated to everything you do. Your captain has given all of you a couple days of shore leave since you’re ahead of schedule on your current voyage.
You’re walking along the beach on the second afternoon, whiling away the hour
 please spread the word as much as you can, I know some of you that write me great comments would be perfect for this!
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...Mr TheAwesome is my Father
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United States
Current Residence: In my head (I think), but seriously, you havent heard of it anyway
Favourite genre of music: Celtic Rock
Favourite style of art: Stuck between comics and surrealism
Personal Quote: Burn it. Burn that mother down.


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BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist
Wedding Dress by BrowncoatMando   Did a little messing around, designed Saoirse's wedding dress- notice the white Rose
Mantikoa Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Sam, thank you so much for watching me, I appreciate your support! :huggle:
Herioc107 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
Thank you for the watch! I hope my content continues to entertain you. :)
SamwiseTheAwesome Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No doubt it will, I'm a big an of your Mando work, especially
BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist

A little something I wrote recently:
“I have heard your prayers and I will give you the woman you love.”  A woman’s gentle voice broke through Halisca Sacerdos’ silent anguish.  
The voice was smooth and even, feminine but strong and he instantly knew who spoke to him.

He turned without rising from his knees and his heart, already broken by unrequited love, began to beat like a horse at full gallop.

“Yes beloved Halisca you truly hear my voice. Stand and face me. ” the goddess of love, marriage and childbirth ordered and he had no choice but to comply.  He was struck mute by the sight of the goddess whose beauty outshone any mortal woman save the one he loved.

He tried to focus on her dark eyes but found himself scanning her long dark hair and shapely body, the golden necklace around her long slender neck, her ruby lips…. She obviously enjoyed the attention and there was a small smile on her face as she spoke.

“I have watched you, I know you have loved Clodia Famia at a distance but only now is the time right.  Your firstborn, a daughter, will marry a man that My Lord and My Love has chosen.”

He didn’t doubt her words, it simply wasn’t in her nature to lie.

He overcame his shock and asked “How will I know him?”

“You will know him by the name Antistra Bex.  He will fight a battle he cannot win. She will care for his wounds and when the time is rights their hearts will be one.”  Her voice took on a slightly distant, slightly dreamy tone as she thought of true love between two souls meant to be together.

“But how?”   He asked, on the brink of tears.

“You beautiful boy…” She shook her head at his momentary despair.

He could not help but take offense “Boy! I’m almost thir-.”

She placed a finger on his lips and made a single request “Kiss me.”  

He was stunned and baffled by the request and stuttered. “goddess… I’m unworthy… what about your husband?  You would deny your nature?”

“It is not in my nature to be unfaithful but I do enjoy making him jealous…  He works much harder to please me…” She waved his concerns away and asked a question in a half joking tone “Besides, how could I resist your charms my beautiful boy?”

She took his face in her hands and gently placed a kiss on his lips.  

Halisca felt joy beyond anything in his twenty five years of life but also fear that the goddess’ kiss would burn him from the inside out.

“Now you have my blessing.  A single kiss upon her lips and she will love you until the day you die.  I have extracted a promise from Taanach that you will enter the afterlife together, one last act of love in your elder years, and you will meet her with your bodies entwined.”

There was a sudden sharp knock on the door that interrupted their conversation.  “Go to her.”

He froze for just a second and there was another knock. Jael raised her eyebrows and waved a hand at him sending him toward the door. 

Clodia Famia stood on the doorstep and memories of the day they met by accident in the marketplace flooded back to him.  She wore the same plain white dress, had her long dark hair tied back into the same braid… 

 “There’s something I need to tell you…” She started with a slight quake in her voice.

The goddess just watched it happen and told the love struck young man to make his move. “Act now, you will not receive another chance.”

He took Clodia’s hands in his own then leaned forward, forcefully pressing his lips to hers.  Her pale green eyes went wide with surprise but she didn’t resist. She returned the kiss, melting into his arms.

“How did you know?” The woman he loved breathed out, completely astonished by this turn of events and she held him tightly. He embraced her and turned to look at Jael for just a moment.

The wide smile on his face was thanks enough. She watched for a moment, saw another deep kiss and happy with her work she faded from sight…

SamwiseTheAwesome Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work! I thought we had established that Bex's surname is bestowed from the mother's side though
BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Edited Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist
it is- Antistra and Clodia's children would have the surname 'Famia" Antistra has the surname "Bex" because Adriana does.  The exception regarding her family is her stepchildren who use "Casura" because they grew up without their mother.
is that naming convention somehow unclear here?
SamwiseTheAwesome Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was reading this backwards, my comment is rescinded 
Runshin Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
150816 - Thank You-2 by Runshin  
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